Blockchain-Based System

The Pune-based company has partnered with startup Statwig to implement ‘VaccineLaser’ globally. “This partnership aims to roll out a blockchain-based traceability solution for global vaccine supply chain transparency, predicting and preventing failures in supply chains, including from expired vaccines, stock-outs and counterfeiting,” the company said in a statement. related problems.

The blockchain-based application will build peer-to-peer bridges over existing systems that support real-time data sharing, authentication and verification. According to the company, vaccine makers can use the system to track inventory, vendor payments through Internet-of-Things (IoT) integration and smart contracts.

Companies will work with vaccine researchers, governments, pharmaceutical companies, distributors and healthcare workers to understand the various steps in the supply chain.

Tech Mahindra will also develop a mobile and web application that will support the needs of manufacturers and state governments. The company did not specify when the portal would launch.

This partnership will “not only ensure the safety and legality of vaccine supplies but will also help in compliance with the complex regulatory requirements established by the Drug Administration Authority in any country,” said Rajesh Dhudu, Blockchain and Cyber Security Practice Leader – APAC and EMEA, Tech Mahindra he said.

By Alex Alena

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