Quentin Tarantino Sued for an Upcoming Auction of Pulp Fiction NFTs

Miramax, a Hollywood film production and distribution company, has filed suit against Quentin Tarantino for the sale of NFTs that were related to “Pulp Fiction,” the film director. Miramax’s interpretation of the original contract between the parts is at the heart of the conflict. Miramax argues that the sale or auction of NFTs does NOT constitute publication of any part.

Miramax Sues Quentin Tarantino

Miramax, a Hollywood movie company sued Quentin Tarantino the film director for the auction of a collection of Pulp Fiction-themed NFTs. Tarantino said it would auction a number of rare items from the film, including the famous screenplay scene “royale avec cheese”. The Secret Network blockchain would be used to auction the items. This would keep the contents of the NFTs secret until they are sold.

Miramax is also responsible for the sale of any NFTs.

Tarantino Fights Back

Tarantino’s attorney Bryan Freedman challenged Miramax’s claims. He stated that Miramax had the right to sell “NFTs” of his script for Pulp Fiction. Williams also stressed that Miramax’s contract details with Tarantino would damage the company’s reputation. Tarantino plans to defend these claims in court.

This case is the first to involve NFTs and Hollywood productions being brought to court. Numerous celebrities and artists have published NFT drops in order to profit from the NFT craze earlier this year and open up new revenue streams. Bart Williams, a Miramax attorney, stated that Tarantino’s announcement reduces the Pulp Fiction IP’s value.

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