Fix Bitcoin Transaction Pending

Bitcoin Transaction Stuck On Pending Issue

Bitcoin is most popular among all the cryptocurrency exchanges the transaction process and time is taken depends on the different exchanges. Fix Bitcoin Transaction Pending users can face different types of issues while dealing with Bitcoin and other similar cryptocurrencies. Transaction not confirmed or pending is one the most common issue people face while buying or selling the Bitcoin on Blockchain. Actually, there are various reasons behind the transaction of Bitcoin remains pending. Apart from that, we will also provide the right Bitcoin Customer Service where you can get solutions for such issues.

Why Your Bitcoin Transaction is Pending?

When you first time sends cryptocurrency to the recipient, the system is waiting for you to Fix Bitcoin Transaction Pending confirm the transaction over email. To confirm the transaction you have to click on the click the link sent to your email within 1 hour otherwise the transaction will be expired. Technical issues yes sometimes if you send funds transaction is pending for more than an hour, something might have gone wrong.

How Long Does a Pending Bitcoin Transaction Take?

Usually, most of the pending Bitcoin transactions confirmed or canceled within 10 minutes. However, depending on the fee you set while executing the transaction, the confirmation of the Bitcoin transaction varied.

How to Cancel a Pending Bitcoin Transaction?

Technically speaking you cannot cancel the Bitcoin transactions pending on Blockchain technology. However, you replace the Bitcoin pending transactions with Child-Pays-for-Parent (CPFP) transaction or replace-by-fee transaction (RBF). The difference between these types of re-transactions is that in CPFP you can create the new transaction while using RBF means you are rebroadcasting the same transaction.

How to Check the Status of Pending Bitcoin Transactions?

As the Bitcoin transactions are visible in the public ledger of Blockchain. so any kind of Bitcoin transaction can be viewed exploring the website. The best way to check the status of your Bitcoin transaction is just to search for the Bitcoin address your funds are sent to the following channels.

  • Visit Blockchain and explorer the site like etc.
  • Use the search option of “receiving” Bitcoin address (the address the funds are being sent to).
  • Either you can select the transaction that matches with the Bitcoin amount you’re expecting.
  • While looking at the transaction itself, you can view the confirmations received so far.
What to Do if Bitcoin Transaction Still Pending?

Despite all efforts, if your Bitcoin transaction is still pending you can raise the transaction fees at the maximum level that you can afford. If your transaction fees are higher than other users, despite the low value of your entire transaction your Bitcoin transaction will be confirmed first. Blockchain technology or cryptocurrency exchanges give priority to the Bitcoin transactions set at a higher value.

Bitcoin Customer Support Number for Pending Transaction

If your Fix Bitcoin Transaction Pending despite all your efforts not able to confirm the transaction you get help from experts. Yes, just dial the Bitcoin Customer Care Number and cryptocurrency experts will assist you online and solve your problem immediately. These Blockchain experts will also help you in solving the Bitcoin-related various issues. And you can get an online solution for Blockchain and other popular cryptocurrencies trading in various exchanges.

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