The video game industry is enjoying massive growth, valued at more than $ 162 billion today and expected to grow to $ 295 billion worldwide over the next five years. Mobile gaming, once dismissed by the hardcore gaming crowd as a passing fad, has been a significant driver of the industry’s growth in recent years, with over 2,500,0,0 mobile players globally in 2020. with . The total number of mobile gamers has also eclipsed more traditional locations such as gaming (800 million players in 2020) and PC gaming (1.3 billion players in 2020).

Bitcoin has gone on a wild ride this year. In early 2021, the price was around $ 29,000, skyrocketing to an all-time high of over $ 63,000 in mid-April. Then, high-profile comments by Aon Musk kicked off an accident, which has since seen a drop in price to around $ 83,000. Despite the recent decline, bitcoin is still trading at around 150% above its January 2021 level, and investment in blockchain has been growing steadily from year to year. This has essentially given renewed interest in blockchain, distributed laser technology underlining cryptocurrency, and some game developers to incorporate the technology into their offerings.

NFTs go from curiosity to mainstream

Cryptocurrencies were the world’s first semi-mainstream introduction into the world of NFT, or non-qualified tokens. These are unique, collectible digital assets that no one can copy and which remain permanently on the blockchain. The ethereum-based game launched in 2017, enabling users to collect, sell, and breed digital cats (which include “Dragon”, a cryptocurrency that sold in September 2018 for 600 Ether, or $172,000 at the time). Was sold. It is more than $ 14 million at today’s prices.)

By Alex Alena

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