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Bitcoin Mining Operation Faces Noise Complaint

Red Dog Technologies is the owner of a Bitcoin Mine in Tennessee. A neighbor is suing the company because of the noise it makes. Local media reports that the complaint claims that noise from the mine causes interference with the plaintiff’s “use and enjoyment”.

Washington County Mayor Joe Grandy was already informed in June about concerns about the mine’s legality and impact on citizens. The mine apparently didn’t meet the requirements for Bitcoin Mining operations in the region. Red Dog tried to reduce the noise, but commissioners were not satisfied.

An Important Lawsuit

Although some may view this lawsuit as a common complaint, it is of special significance because it could be used to set precedents for similar cases in the future when mining companies start setting up operations in areas that were not previously accessible. The complaint centers on a rezoning request that Brightridge, the power firm that leases the property to Red Dog (the mine operator), requested from the county in order to allow the facility to be operated (which is called a blockchain data center) in the area.

The complaint claims that the rezoning request to change the zone type of General Agriculture to Agriculture Business is inaccurate enough to be valid. According to the request, “while there are small fans at the data centers that produce noise, the petitioner has advised the court that the noise will not be heard or impact on adjoining properties.”

The case in question could lead to the closing of the bitcoin mining facility. Now that the county planning commission has unanimously voted to close the mine, and to pursue legal action against any operator who fails to comply.

By Alex Alena

Alex Alena has been the lead news writer at Cryptocurrency Updates. With a degree in communications, Matt has an uncanny ability to make the most complex subject matter easy to understand.